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Terms & Conditions

Full Ts & Cs will be sent to you through my official booking system once your service has been booked.


The Client - The person receiving the service

The Makeup Artist - Sam Cahill 

The Fee - Amount payable from The Client to The Makeup Artist.

The Deposit - Amount payable at the time of booking The Service (which is deducted from The Fee) to secure The Service.

The Service - The Appointment which has been booked by The Makeup Artist at the request of The Client.


A Deposit can be taken to secure The Client appointment. This ensures The Service is secured for you, The Client. The Deposit is deducted from The Fee.


Payments can be made via Fresha payment link, Card, PayPal, Cash and Bank Transfer.

Responsibility of the Client

It is the responsibility of The Client to make The Makeup Artist aware of any allergies, sensitivities or medical conditions which could affect The Service or result of The Service. The Makeup Artist cannot be held liable for any reactions caused due to The Client's failure to inform them of any known conditions. The Makeup Artist reserves the right to terminate The Service should it compromise the health and safety, contraindications or the use of the makeup kit and tools or The Client.


The Client agrees that The Makeup Artist can use any photos which have been mutually agreed to be taken of The Client and The Service on any social media platform including this website. The Client must tell The Makeup Artist if they do not want any photos taken and/or used on social media. This request will be upheld by The Makeup Artist.

The Client, when providing their details for The Service will have their details placed onto a secure and professional booking system (Fresha). The Client agrees to The Makeup Artist having this information in order to complete their booking information and to use the details as a way of contacting The Client. Should The Client want this information removed from the database after the completion of The Service, The Client has the right to request this.

By settling The Fee for The Service, The Client agrees to the Terms & Conditions of this Contract between you, The Client and Sam Cahill, The Makeup Artist.

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