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Makeup Masterclasses

Visual Group Learning

Makeup Masterclasses come up periodically and I advertise them beforehand. Normally there are 10 spaces available in order to keep the group intimate and comfortable enough. I do various themes for Masterclasses; two firm favourites are 'The Minimalist' and 'Premium face with Budget Taste'.  Masterclasses are £40 per person and include your 2 hour visual step by step demonstration, explanation and teaching along with refreshments, certificate of completion and a beautiful luxury giftbag to help you on your way to developing your own makeup bag! I absolutely love Makeup Masterclasses!

If you have a group of friends who want a private Masterclass together, please message me and this can be arranged for you! I did this myself for my sister, as a surprise 'Bride to Be' Makeup Masterclass with her bridal party and it went down a real treat! You are also welcome for these sorts of occasions, birthdays etc to decorate my Makeup Bar with a theme if you would like! 

Makeup Masterclasses: Service

Makeup Masterclass

"Glam Face, Budget Taste"

A small snippet from one of my Makeup Masterclasses. This one focused on getting that glam look using amazing drug-store dupes of high-end brands! At the end, it was hard to tell which face was budget and which was premium - proving a lot a final look comes down to good application techniques!

Makeup Masterclasses: Video
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